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Today, ‘love’ has been confined in the walls of ‘swiping’ left or right; in layman language ‘love’ has been digitalized. This is indeed a sad thing but we will have to live with it and allow ‘Tinder’ to be our cupid.
And, well, it’s not like this application has just been bad, I‘ve seen people who struck a chord on Tinder and now they are living happily but you know, as they say, ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH! (No, I am not talking about threesome, jerks!).
So, here are 3 applications that are as good as Tinder and you can definitely try your luck to find some love here: -

1). Hinge

My favourite from the list is ‘Hinge’, this application allows you to directly message the person who was successful in blowing away your mind. YES! No more waiting for the ‘Swipe Right’ to happen; just make sure you are pro at your texting game and you are sorted. Also, you will be asked to post at least six pictures, so make sure you have a ‘Daboo Ratnani’ sort of friend.

2). Aisle

Ok, so if you are someone who is craving for something serious or say, searching for a soulmate; Aisle might just be the best thing for you. So, the joining on this application is rather a long process as the ‘Aisle team’ makes sure that only genuine profiles enter their platform. You will have to go through a long 5-page questionnaire and shed some money as well but everything will look worth it once you will see the unpretentious profiles.

3). Happen

So, this one has a pretty interesting concept where if you cross a person and you both have Happen installed, the app will automatically show your profile in the other person’s phone and if cupid strikes, you will be ready to take a round of ‘love cart’ in no time. Just keep your eyes wide open and roam as much as you can, you never know which street is waiting to become the initiation point for your love story.
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- Shivam
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