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‘Bromance’, a word that was earlier used as a slang to define close friends has now evolved to become a strong and intimate emotion that people often misinterpret as ‘homosexuality’. For starters, let us just get it clear in mind that both these things are POLES APART.

‘Bromance’ is very much heterosexual in nature and involves intimate proximity (not sexual but emotional). The person or our ‘bro’ becomes so vital in our life that we can leave all our inhibitions in front of him, without a second thought. The most common reason that comes out to explain the strength or power of friendship is the ‘gender factor’; there are certain things/emotions of a man that only a man can get and no one, which is why men often choose their ‘BRO’ before their ‘Girlfriends’.
No, we are not the only one to believe this thing. In a recent study by Men & Masculinities, it is found that young men feel more content and happy when they are around their ‘Bro(s)’ in comparison to the romantic bond they share with the women. In the study, most men came forward and admitted that they would share something very personal to them like their fears, insecurities etc. with their male friend rather than with their women lover. It was also found that ‘bromances’ last longer than ‘romances’ and this is also one of the major factors for the men getting inclined to their ‘bro(s)’ rather than women.

But, hey, while the ‘bromance’ thing is all hunky-dory, it does come with some alter effects; the study also says that because of the ‘bromance’ factor, a man’s chances of getting in a romantic relationship or simply saying, the chances of hooking up gets reduced to a huge margin. It can also drastically result in something as serious as a ‘failed marriage’.

So, guys, be as bromantic as you can; just make sure it doesn’t hamper the other spectrum of your life!
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- Shivam
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