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While we are in school we have to stay under the eyes of our guardians and teachers. But congrats guy, no more this will going to happen as you have crossed your schooling stage and now you have moved on to easier level- Graduation. But here too you will be needing something that will make your Graduation years easier.

Are you ready??? So, let’s go!

1. A Cute Coffee Mug

Ok…let’s face it, in your graduation you will need to drink a lot of coffee, to stay active for your one after one class at the campus and for assignments after partying whole night and so on. So, why don’t you drink your coffee in a cute personalized cup?

2. A Fancy Floral Perfume

You have left all your tacky and childish habits when you enter your graduation level. If you want to be a popular one and want to make other obsessed with your smell, get a bottle of good floral or the fragrance which you like. Make it your signature perfume for the whole graduation period.

3. A Cute Laptop Sleeve

I guess you are not thinking to carry your laptop to your college in those boring black laptop bags, right? And if so, I should tell you to get over from these things, now you are in a graduate level, be little stylish and get a cute printed laptop sleeve.

4. An Elegant But Functional Backpack

You are no more a school student, ditch you that old school bags and don’t get your hands on those pretty ladies’ bags, because both of these are not suitable for college. Search for a stylish bag pack yet functional as you need to keep your water bottle, books, pens and notebook inside.

5. A Polaroid Camera

In college life everything is liked only if it instant, so be ready to get clicked with your friends with this cute Polaroid camera. You can capture each memorable moment with it and instantly have it in your hand.

Happy new life, guy!

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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