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Sara Ali Khan daughter of two popular actors of the industry- Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, made her bang-on debut in the Indian film industry with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath. After the film was released she won everyone’s heart whether it be all the critics or the audience. And, then again she stole everyone’s heart with her performance in Rohit Shetty’s Simmba.

However, when it came to her magazine debut, She got trolled. She shot for her first-ever magazine cover-photo in Kenya and though she looks absolutely stunning with a little touch of African’s tradition in her outfits. But here the presence of Africans as “props” became a point for trolling.

The magazine shared a sneak-peek from the photo-shoot on Twitter and trolls claimed that it was extremely “racist” and “offensive”.

"Why is there a jumping Masai warrior behind Sara Ali Khan?? Africans are not props for your photo-shoots," a Twitter user by the name of Chirag Wakaskar wrote, calling the actress "self-entitled Bollywood garbage".

Another Twitter user wrote, "Sara Ali Khan, I reserve judgment cuz I'd like to believe u r 'woke' enough to know that Africans in their traditional attire are not props for ur photoshoots! This article better has content on the people & culture u have photographed, if not, this is highly offensive!! (sic)"

"In what way is it okay to use another human being as a prop... way to disrespect Africa," a South African Twitter user commented.

"What's the point of such cultural appropriation?" a Twitter user named Prerna Hegde questioned. Another user wrote that she was "disgusted" by the photoshoot. "No. You did not just do this. I am so disgusted. Please take down this racist shoot," she tweeted.

"And I thought her Ivy League education would have taught her that it is not okay to misappropriate other cultures. Turns out Sara Ali Khan is as ignorant as other Bollywood celebrities which is kind of sad because she did come across as intelligent initially," one person commented.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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