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India and Pakistan have always been on the battling ends and the tension has intensified to another level after the deadly Pulwama attack. The attacks called out all the jingoistic creatures out of their shallow shell, who started crying for war in the guise of ‘patriotism’. No, this isn’t patriotism, this is a sheer absurdity.
People sit in the comfortable walls of their house and just blare their guts out to start a war and demolish Pakistan; well, will you be responsible for the lives of soldiers that might get lost during the war? WILL YOU?

If it’s a NO, just shut the fuck up! Soldiers are not war-machines, they are also humans and their lives are as precious as yours. This war-mongering will take us nowhere, rather it will push our country a decade back, our economy will shatter like anything and the war will benefit the political agendas, corporate houses and of course the Middle East.

Our Commander is currently under arrest of the Pakistani Army and the people are praying for his return and well-being but amidst all these sentiments, I saw this one man’s post that stated: “Our Commander will give away his LIFE but will not surrender”; war mongering has literally made us inhumane where we don’t care about the life of a person, all that we want is desolation of our supposed foe.

Also, what the fuck is wrong with both the country’s news channels? Saw Arnab Goswami’s show that was named ‘Say No To Mercy’, really? Are you serious? Mr. Arnab, just when I thought that you cannot become shallower, you showed your colours. I can vouch that your ‘loud manners’ will die an instant death if you and your team are asked to just stand (forget fighting) at the war zone.
And, before anything can we just question our government who has failed miserably at providing good facilities and machines to our soldiers? I mean, Commander Abhinandan was flying an air-craft that was used in the 70’s and 80’s, now you can just calculate everything, eh!

Guys, please understand retaliation is necessary but war should be forbidden; there is a huge difference between the two things. War is a much bigger term and it will do nothing but take us a decade back; we will build things again until the jingoistic bells ring again. If guns would have been the answer, the Middle East would be the most peaceful region out there. So, let us just stop this war-mongering once and for all!
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- Shivam
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