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The video of captured Indian Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan where he appeared resolute underneath the blindfold, his face bloodied was circulated on the social media further escalating the tensions between India and Pakistan.

India has slammed out at Pakistan for breaking all the norms of the Geneva Conventions by “ vulgar display of injured personnel of the Indian Air Force” and demanded the release of the commander.

It says POWs cannot be prosecuted for taking a direct part in hostilities. “Their detention is not a form of punishment, but only aims to prevent further participation in the conflict. They must be released and repatriated without delay after the end of hostilities. The detaining power may prosecute them for possible war crimes, but not for acts of violence that are lawful under International Humanitarian Law,” it says.

ALL about Geneva Convention: Here Is How Pakistan Treatment With The Commander Aganist The Law

Geneva Convention was a series of a meeting which resulted in international humanitarian law known as the Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts.They were adopted in 1949 and two additional protocols were adopted in 1977, which expanded the rules and in 2005 a third protocol was agreed on.
Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts.
Law which states the guidelines and protocols for the Prisoners of war providing the minimum protections, standards of humane treatment, and fundamental guarantees of respect to individuals who become victims of armed conflicts.

Who are prisoners of war?
They are the members of armed forces of one of the parties involved in the conflict. According to the Geneva Conventions, not every prisoner gets the rights of POW under Geneva Conventions.
1. The soldier should Wear uniforms or marks on their clothes to make it clear they are soldiers.
2. Have some sign (like a flag) that shows they are soldiers.
3. Carry their weapons out in the open, where they can be seen.
Rights guaranteed to POW under Geneva Convention:

1. They must be treated humanely in all the circumstances. without discrimination founded on race, colour, sex, religion or faith, birth or wealth, etc.
2. They are prevented against any act of violence as well as against intimidation, insults, and public curiosity.
3. They also have the right to beget proper medical treatment and care.
4. Captors cannot force them to provide any information except for their name, age, rank, and a military identification number.
The viral video however showed that the commander sustained several injuries which breaks the Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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