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Dogs are beautiful and their love is as pious as it can get, they put forward no demands and thrive loyalty till the time they sail out for the deathbed. And, while people tend to differ between breed dogs and stray dogs, there are some others who always try to blur this difference.
And, let us just admit it that a stray dog can love you far more than a breed dog because it knows the value of getting a family and affection. In the latest case, a photographer who goes by the name Zoltan, the man recently went to Cape Verde and got so startled with the stray dogs of that region that he ended up making a photo-story of these cute munchkins.
Zoltan says: “Recently, we traveled to Sal, Cape Verde with my fiancee Agnes. When we arrived, we were a bit shocked to see the huge number of stray dogs were in Cape Verde. I just knew that I had to photograph them and I thought I made a mistake not to bring my portrait lenses with me, but the funny thing is that in the end, I was happy that I could only use my wide angle lens. I had to get close to them and we had to have a connection and I loved that.So the images are more like environmental portraits and show you more about how the dogs live. All the dogs were so friendly and so calm. Some of them were very playful, some of them were a little sad. Some of them even had collars on, so I assumed they had owners, but they were still hanging around with the others on the streets or on the beach.”

Have a look at his impressive work:

1). Playful As Ever

2). The Sassy Lad

3). The Nap Time

4). Important Discussions

5). Life On A Street

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- Shivam
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