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Do you think that this might bring a change to what you are watching on your screen? If we see from the point of view of the youth today, they like watching web series more than TV serials. Actually, the matter is that we are literally bored by seeing all those, Saas-buha serial, old-school romance, Nagins and their fights over Naagmari and so on.

It is the 21st century and we don’t want to stay stick to the 19th-century television shows. On the other hand, the web series’ platform is such a wide one, there see great actors, logical plots of the storyline, and un-cut reality. I accept that now slowly but our Bollywood is leading towards the steps of some logical cinema once again, but till then web series have the crown, and we are enjoying watching.

Why web series is so famous among youth, nowadays?
Web series gave us a huge platform to explore different topics that are not possible in TV serials. Web series have access to show some really good content, related to politics, social issues, and real life and so on, they show us un-cut reality, and this is not possible for TV serial makers.

Web series do not last for years, such our TV serials- which started when we are kids, and still running. With web series you will find limited episodes and when a series goes so popular makers start another season which is relevant to the past episodes.

And, also we can’t take TV wherever we go, but we have our phones in our pockets. This is also one of the great reason behind its popularity.

Most of the people going with this change, let’s see what people are saying over this:

"Web series have their own pros that discard the drawbacks of TV series. Web series have been trendy and buzzing in the youth lately. With easy access to fast internet, people are preferring their smartphones over TVs lately. There's also a lot of amazing work going on with web series"... Vedant Vachharajani

"It only depends on what you like to watch. In my view in the Indian context, Indian web series are better than their TV shows streaming on Star Plus, Sony etc"….Sumit Gupta, works at Oracle

"The youth has become an internet and web-centric. We hardly get time to watch TV. This is one of the reasons why web series has developed a huge scope in today’s generation. Moreover, TV series nowadays has become utter rubbish"….Priyanka Gupta

That totally depends on your perception, but yes there are some pretty good web series.TVF Pitchers is one of the best web series I have ever seen, another is Vikram Bhatt’s MAAYA! and also Vikram Bhatt has directed so many good web series. So according to me, you should start with TVF Pitchers.All the Best!... Yash Masrani, TV series Freak

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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