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If you are taking pictures for your business or that are related to your business, you would expect it to be beautiful framed, good lighting and should be suitable enough to win customers’ heart. What would you dream home look like? You must have some dreams or image for your house to be. So, would it be a rustic farm hidden deep in the woods or maybe a penthouse with the classic interior?

Some people like to keep their embellished with traditional stuff and some like to add modern interior in their house. While thinking about the house and the interior, it is actually fun. But wait doesn’t give your imagination so much height that when it falls off your heart will break. And why we are saying this, because of the shooting techniques used by some fellow real estate agents.

These agents have the power of ruining a beautiful house by clicking bizarre pictures of it. Thanks to a blog called- Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, who shares these weird pictures by agents of the houses with the public. From horror movie-scene to exclusively unique home decor cares some of them are little impractical designs, damaged and so on. But who cares! These real estate agents don’t care for fixing these blunder and keep on taking pictures. These hilarious pictures will make you laugh and also give you tips on how not to give a crap about putting the property up for sale.

Scroll down and see the pictures:

#1. Want to get into the Green Swimming Pool, anyone?

#2. Along with windows and a few plants, you will get a pig!

#3. Guess what? I have just passed on the stairs!

#4. Is that the location of a horror movie?

#5. When a customer says, “I am looking for some prints”.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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