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Cervical cancer is often labeled as the silent killer, but after tragic deaths of some women, cervical cancer does have a tale-to-tell.

This tale holds the early signs of it, and if you are noticing unusual changes that similar to the below list in your body, this might link that you are suffering from cervical cancer.

More than 3,000 women discovered with cervical cancer every year, and in the list, many of them are under thirty-five years of age. If it caught in its early stages, the outlook is good- and when you fail to detect the changes, its cure becomes difficult.

Public Health England approximations that eight in ten of the deaths could be prevented if all -eligible women were screened and abnormal cells spotted early.

Kate Sanger, of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, said: “These signs can be associated with lots of other things that are not ¬cancer, and the chances are they are nothing to worry about.

“The key thing is to be aware of what they are and get them checked, not brush them off.

“Changes to cervical health are much harder for you to see that in another body part, like your eyes.

“Gynaecological problems can feel embarrassing but ¬doctors and nurses have seen it all before and early detection and ¬treatment of cervical cancer have really positive outcomes.”

The sings that include in the list of cervical cancer:

1. Lower back pain.
2. Vaginal discharge that is unusual in terms of smell, color or amount.
3. Increased menstrual bleeding or post-menopausal bleeding.
4. Abnormal bleeding. This means between periods or during or after sex.
5. Pain during intercourse.
6. Blood in your urine.
7. Lower limb swelling.
8. Going for a wee more often.
9. Bleeding from the bottom.
10. Incontinence.
11. Diarrhea.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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