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Since ancient times, Neem has been regarded as a one-stop resolution for a plethora of problems. The tree’s unmatched antibiotic properties make it one of the most sought out plants out there. Here are 5 amusing facts about this magical tree that’ll make you grow a ‘Neem’ tree right away: -

1). The barks, stems and leaves of a Neem tree possess great anti-microbial properties. The tree’s concentrate helps to fight against a variety of parasites and infections. Because of such good anti-bacterial properties, Neem stems are regarded as the best toothbrush out there.

2). Neem leaves are a great remedy to control/cure diabetes. It was found in a research that Neem leaves have the tendency to lower blood glucose levels.

3). Liver is one vital organ of the digestive system, sometimes the lives gets the job of breaking harmful radicals and ingredients that the human body intakes; in such a case things can take a toll on the liver’s capacity, therefore to hold the cell reinforcements of the liver, neem juice is something that can act like a bliss potion for you.

4). Neem oil that is made out of neem seeds is used as a natural pesticide for the growth of plants. It is also used to make cleansers, healthy skin items, shampoos and moisturizers but these products should not be used by pregnant people as it can hamper a child’s health.

5). It is found in a study that neem leaves create comparatively higher amount of oxygen than other plants/trees. Therefore, it is always advised to plant at least one neem tree in your vicinity.

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- Shivam
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