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The notion of private life has changed with the internet and social media. The way we share every bit of our life through the social media we are getting trapped by the “Oversharing” epidemic knowingly or unknowingly.

Keeping aside the benefit of internet and social media in connecting our lives Don’t you think our private life is too much public? Social media has completely changed the notion of disclosing about our private lives to others. We have become so digital that we hardly leave any aspect of our personal lives with ourselves. How much is it helping is a question which I am not talking for now.

Sadly, the way we present ourselves on social media it seems hilarious as well as thought-provoking too. I mean we are so willingly expressing our emotions despite knowing the fact that the moment we post anything on the social media everyone will start judging us.

When we are sad, depressed or upset the first thing that we do is broadcast on our social media by posting the status on the WhatsApp or Facebook. Even when we know that these people in our list won’t help us in any way to come out of the situation but still we do that. Instead of sharing it our real friends who are concerned about our life we reveal on social media.

It is just not about the world knowing about our mood status we are updating about each and everything from the relationship status to our career status and what not…

A lot of situations seem hilarious when we instead of telling certain things to the concerned people we are letting the world know. Take for instance wishing the birthday on Facebook or in WhatsApp groups just to keep it in the eyes of everyone.
I don’t know where are we really heading towards but for sure we are distancing ourselves from the reality, escaping the real people.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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