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No matter what you do in your life and how hard you try you cannot escape from that ‘Sharma Ji ke beta’ wala taunt. If you are better ‘Sharma Ji ka beta’ is the best. So your parents are going to scare you by the ghost of ‘Sharma Ji ke beta’.
This Sharma Ji ke beta has made our life hell and I wonder where has he really come from and will he ever go from our life. The way this weapon has been used by our parents it does not seem that he is going to leave our life.
I have become so much frustrated by him that I want to vent out all my frustration and use Sharma Uncle as my weapon as my parents use Sharma Ji Ka Beta.
Wouldn’t it be just great if we could also Use ‘Sharma Uncle’ wala weapon?

1. Sharma Uncle ko dekho wo apne bacho ko kaha kaha ghumane le jate hai

2. Sharma Uncle ko dekho unhe ghar ka sara kaam aata hai

3. Sharma Uncle ko dekho kitne fit hai wo

4. Sharma Uncle ko dekho social media par kitna updated rehte hai

5. Sharma Uncle ko dekho wo roz time par ghar aate hai.

6. Sharma Uncle ko dekho wo aunty par kabhi nahi chilate

You know what , Earlier I was cursing Sharma Ji for having such a son/daughter. Now I feel blessed that Sharma Uncle came in our life.

What do you think about your Sharma Uncle? Isn’t he just amazing? He perhaps is.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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