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We want to be present at the multiple places at a single time, we don’t want to miss out even a single message or call. We desperately want to be with our smartphones 24*7 because we want to remain aware of each and everything which is happening in others life.

This feeling that we may miss something exciting is making us anxious. We are getting so much entombed by this phenomenon that we are disregarding so many important things in our lives.

Fear of missing out is a dominating phenomenon in the lives of youngsters which is affecting everyone so deeply that we are just ….

FOMO and Phubbing:
The social media or The FOMO because of the social media has made our presence mere physical one. We are with our friends, parents and partners but we are actually not. Why? We have the fear of missing out in the lives of other people and the end result is we ignore our companion or people present with us physically.

The phenomenon of FOMO has given rise to another concept called FOBE which is the fear of being excluded. We do things which we don’t want to just because we fear that we would be excluded from the rest.

For instance, we will go to a party even we don’t feel like going to because we think that others expect us to be present at that party.

And the result is we are missing the little joy of our life. What we really need is JOMO rather than getting so much influenced by the kidda of FOMO.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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