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“Though we all have the fear and the seeds of anger within us, we must learn not to water those seeds and instead nourish our positive qualities – those of compassion, understanding, and loving-kindness.”

Quite obvious you will come across the most difficult people in your life who will challenge you by their negative vibes to the extent that you feel broken to move ahead in your life. The only question that prep in life is why is it happening with me? Why is my so life uneven? Believe me, you are not the only one.

They can be your boss, friends, colleagues or your family and when you are conversing with them you feel like breath getting shorter or you losing your temper and you feel like you had enough of it. If you have been such a situation and need tips to get through it, we will help you to do that.

So we will provide you with some tips to face those people of your life.

1. Creating a healthy boundary…

It is important that the other person knows their boundary. So you need to confront about the same to the other person if they are crossing that boundary and it is affecting your inner peace.
2. Thinking what will those people do...

There are some people in our life whom we admire a lot. So these are the people who will help you to deal with the difficult people of your life. Think about what would have these people done if they were in your shoes. These people could be anyone who inspires you.
3. Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is one technique which will help you to deal with such people. You need to send good wishes to people you love and people against who have that feeling. It will definitely help you to deal with them.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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