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The most unbeatable captain until this day, Virat Kohli is definitely going to lead the World Cup squad but Ajay Jadeja, on the other hand, wants MS Dhoni to lead the team. Jadeja said that when it comes to captaincy and leadership, there’s no one like MS. His recent form to has left everybody spellbound, the kind of leaps and bounds he has made in the previous games has been a sight of bewilderment for the fans.

Although Virat Kohli took the baton from the Captain Cool back in 2017, he never misses a chance to guide the team and take it to the winning post with his charismatic presence itself.

Dhoni plays a crucial role when it comes to providing advice to the team members when a tense situation takes over. It has been many times that he has played coy and Virat has observed in the background. Sunil Gavaskar recently said that Virat Kohli is lucky to have MS in the team, he is the spine undoubtedly.

Also, the team has displayed some good sportsman skills and teamwork in the recent tour. The fielding has also improved, which is a good sign. With a wicketkeeper like Dhoni who can jump to heights to catch balls and set records when it comes to stumping within mini-seconds. The 15 member squad for world cup might be facing some delusional opinions as for now but as per the conditions, the current members will make a strong team!

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