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School days are arguably the best days of one’s life; when there is no such ‘responsibility’, life seems good and carefree, this one feeling is similar in all the schools around the world but there are certain things that tend to differ a lot from that in India:-

1). Norwegian Students party hard for like three weeks straight before graduating from high-school. Yes, you heard it right, three weeks full of dance, music and jovial ambiences. We prepare for pre-boards, well!!!!

2). Chile definitely wants its students to ‘chill’ a bit, which is why the students are given a full three month off in the name of ‘Summer Holidays’, the vacations start from mid-December and last till March. If only my parents had lived in Chile, damn it Dad!

3). Schools in Finland do not start admission of a child before he has turned 7. They believe that a child should play and get physically active before he/she is exposed to the academics. They think that a child’s brain absorbs more whilst playing and in the initial years and here are Indian parents, who start thinking about a baby’s career five minutes after he/she is born.

4). France is well known for the cleanliness and hygiene prospects, which is why schools in France prepare lunch for the students and the lunches are often 2 hour long, where students are given proper lessons on food manners and hygiene. We, at Indian schools didn’t even care to wash hands before eating, did we?

5). High school students of North Korea are asked to go to school twice in a day, the first shift commences at 8 PM and continues till 3 PM while the second shift commences at 6 PM and continues till 10 PM.

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- Shivam
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