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Recently, Instagram has become a platform to share your quirks and oddities. In a recent case, Yuriy Isterika, a man with an abnormal sense of humour has started making parodies of famous celeb pictures and the internet is brimming with laughter because of him. The man uses household items to create a ‘sasta’ version of the exuberant pictures.
Yuriy’s work has received so much love from all the quarters that he is currently enjoying a good fan following and many celebs have also come ahead to encourage him and his humour. Let us have a look at some of his best work: -

1). Got No Money To Dye Your Hair, No Issues, Get A Freaking Brush And You Are Sorted!

2). OMFG! The Resemblance Is So Uncanny; Also, I Am Splitting In Half Watching The ‘Pop-Corn’ Thing, Damn It Man!

3). And The Award For The ‘Best Use Of Cauliflower’ Goes To….

4). Want An Exotic Picture On A Beach? What’s Better In This Case? A Beer Or A Beer? *winks*

5). Celebs Spend A Lot Of Money On Hair Styling And If You Are Broke AF And Still Want That Metal Head Look, Just Pick Up Some Good Trash Bags

Want to see more of Yuriy’s exemplary set of work, well, just go ahead and follow the man here:
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- Shivam
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