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We have found five foods that have been banned around the world either for health reasons or ethical reasons. There are certain kinds of foods that should be avoided for the health reason, but what you will say about those dishes that are banned by the legal authorities, and eating them is against them all. Might be the list contain your favorite food, don’t feel bad they must be banned because of some definite reason.

So let’s see what these foods are and in where they are banned:

1. Farm-Raised Salmon

Everyone’s favorite pink-hued fish has a dark side, at least when it comes farm-raised variety. According to The Environmental Defence Fund, the fish is known as Atlantic salmon and they pose a number of environmental concerns.

2. Kinder Surprise Eggs

These interesting British imports are banned in the U.S and not for their tendency to become addictive. Instead, these illegal-chocolate balls in the U.S are off limits in America because they contain some inedible object in front of them, which violates the Food and Drug Administration’s regulation.

3. Foie Gras

It might the most loved food in French cuisine, but has no place in California. The state recently reinstated the ban on this fatty dish made with the flash of duck and goose liver, citing the inhumanity towards livestock as the reason for the prohibition.

4. Beluga Caviar

Price upwards of $200 per ounce, Beluga eggs may be off-limits to money pinchers, but it is also banned in the United States to protect vanishing species. In an effort to lessen poaching, the United States has banned the importation of Beluga caviar since 2005.

5. Chewing Gum

When it comes to cleaning, Singapore is the place known for it. So to keep its roads clean Singapore banned the chewing gum in 1992 in an effort to maintain the cleanliness.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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