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She wakes up 4 am in the morning, fixes all her household work and then she leaves for her work. She works continuously for hours cleaning, moping our homes. She completes the same work in about 5-10 homes and then goes back to her house and manages all the responsibilities of her work. She repeats the same cycle every single day without any complaint from her life.

The question however is Did we ever take our time to think about the hardships they face? Did we think how much struggle is she going through? Did we ever ask her about the same?

When she was ill and was struggling in doing her work did we ever asked her about her well- being or gave her leave on our own? I guess the answer is No for most of us.

When we were not feeling well she worked hard through the day and took care of us like a family member but what did we do? Leave about taking care of her what we do is shout at her or complaint about her for being careless or slow in her work.

Why don’t we understand that she is also a human being? She also needs rest. She also gets tired. She also does not have the mood to work. She also deserves a holiday. She also deserves a polite reply from us.

She looks for happiness in our happiness but what do we provide them? We fail to provide even the basic thing that any human deserves and If you are thinking that you provide her with the work and money you are doing something for her then you are absolutely mistaken. She deserves a lot more than that.
So think where are the things going wrong from your side? …

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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