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Ace football player’s admiration for legendary footballer Lionel Messi is known to one and all. Time and again, the man has come forward to express his fondness of the Argentina man. Speaking about his camaraderie with Leo, Neymar said: “In the moment I needed his support the most, the man of the team, the best in the world came to me, took my hand and told me ‘come here, you have to be yourself, you have to be happy, you have to be the same lad you were at Santos, don’t be timid, don’t be afraid of me or anyone, I am here to help you’.”

Neymar also told that whenever he was afraid of making mistakes, it was Messi who supported him and guided him to the right path. He said: “You arrive a bit timidly, afraid of making mistakes, playing your game is a bit more complicated, when he gave me his support, when he told me this was at half-time in a game. I was crying in the dressing room, I can’t play my football, nothing is coming off, that’s when I stopped and thought… If Leo is telling me this, why not? It was there I felt most calm, when we started to become friends.”

He further told that Leo is very important in his life and he will never forget him, he said: “We chat, joke, banter, even though we’re far away, he’s a guy who I miss every day, him and Suarez. Two guys I’ll remember the rest of my life, they are saved in football and in my heart, for all they did for me. They were my friends.”

Neymar, you are not the only one in love with Messi!
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- Shivam
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