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Ever heard about the post of post woman? Quite rare to hear that word but it does exist. Postwoman did not really exist before 1984 but things changed after that.
Here is the story of 3 inspiring post woman of Mumbai, Manisha Daneshwar Sale, Parvati Kalidas Gohil and Viru Madhav Jitiya

Bold, confident and daring postwomen have been working since 1984. People did not allow women to step outside the home but the fearless women continue to be the bread earner of their families. They have been able to run their house with their salary. Not only were they able to bear all the burden of marriage with their salary but have been able to send their children to English medium schools as well. Back then they were offered a salary of Rs.300 and now they are earning Rs. 50,000 per month.

The fearless women have been roaming the streets of Mumbai and wish to continue their job despite all the hurdles faced by them. They hardly received the support of the families. One of them says she did not tell about the job to her family and her known as they might have not allowed this. They thought that she was working on the desk in the Post Office. The truth, however, was disclosed after 25-20 years.

Manisha Daneshwar, Postwoman
'My husband had said that my wife has a government job so it’s good. He didn’t have a job. He was in the private sector but he was thankful for my job as my money would run the house and then he decided to get married to me. He was very poor; he didn’t have anything. All the wedding expenses were handled by me.'
Sad but true that you have to attend to the social expectations regarding what profession you are ought to choose. There are only a few who dares to break these barriers of stereotypes and really follow their passion.

These post women are definitely an inspiration to everyone.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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