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It's amusing how almost every brilliant ends up listening to their parents but no matter what he does he will always be overshadowed by bigger expectations of the parents. The worst part is brilliant student get himself going in spite of parents’ high expectations from the child.
I being the victim of the same felt tortured at times because my parents never got satisfied no matter how much hard work I put in. They will always have a higher level of expectations. The ever-increasing expectations of the parents are beyond the limits.
I wonder how much is it good for their mental health. You enjoy these graphics if you are not the victim of same.

1. If you secure 390 marks out of 400

2. If you a topper of your section

3. If you are a topper of your class in boards

4. If you get admission in a good college

5. If you get a good job with a good package

6. If you get a government job

Parents, however, need to understand this fact that aiming too high for the students can be pretty harmful to their mental health and they definitely need to rethink about the same.

Is it possible to stand on the expectations of the parents’? Students also need not to pressurize too much to stand on these expectations because it will not take them anywhere.
What do you think?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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