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Eagles are majestic creatures, they are admired in many countries not only because of their beauty but also because of their intelligence and their in-built predator's skills. There is nothing to surprise upon that they are symbols of the entire nations, and countries that appear on the national emblem, coins, and works of art.

This sky creature besides a good hunter, is also a travel-lovers, don’t believe us? See below! If you are interested in the creature then you must be fascinated about knowing its travel story and the place where an eagle traveled in her entire year. Right? So as we and a young man named- Fahd Qash from Jizan region, Saudi Arabia found something unexpected in the swamp on his walk.

As we know that Middle East people are very much friendly with these wild creatures, so as this young man. When he met this eagle (shown in the picture), he found it dead, and with a huge surprise, the eagle was wearing a GPS device around its neck. Upon closer inspection of the device, he got to know what it is and who put it. The man saw that the device had owner’s email id on it and written, “If found, please contact” followed by the email id.

The idea of inserting the GPS device in the creature’s body is to track all the location it has traveled in a year. And the device saved all of them, turns out scientists were doing some research and they this innocent dead was not the only one but they have attached GPS on supposedly 20 more eagles a marked every single place they visited in one year. These birds have crossed the boarded (obviously the sky is theirs, they don’t need a visa to cross borders), interestingly enough to know that they stayed clear of the sea.

The map in the content shows all the places where the eagle traveled. These eagles have crossed many countries in the Middle East and, it is not sure why they avoided the Caspian as well as the Red Sea.

Let’s see what people’s reaction on it when they gazed on the map:

Author-Simran Bhatnagar
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