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Knowledge sees no colour, no gender and especially no age; the wisdom light can fall upon anyone at any time, you just need to keep your senses alive and these little fellas are a true blue example of my statement:-

1). Rifath Sharook

Rifath Sharook from Tamil Nadu is a genius mind who, at the growing age of 18 yrs went ahead to make world’s smallest satellite and the world was left astounded watching the whiz kid’s brilliance in science and innovation.

2). Akash Manoj

Akash is a Class X student who hails from Tamil Nadu. The boy got immense fame after he was successful in discovering a skin patch that can detect heart attacks. The innovation works in a way that when it is attached to a wrist, it releases a positive charge which attracts the negative charge from the heart and hence detects a heart attack.

3). Anang Tadar

The XI standard student from Arunachal Pradesh discovered a machine/goggles based on the echolocation technology. The goggles have proven to be very helpful for the visually-impaired to navigate easily.

4). Sahithi Pingali

The bright 16-year-old student used her vast mind to do something for the Mother Nature. The girl has recently developed an app that will help in the cleaning of our precious lakes. Her discovery was liked by one and all, which is why The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided to name a planet in the Milky Way galaxy after her.

5). Medansh Mehta

The wonder kid developed a very creative game by doing coding, his game was appreciated by none other than Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and just to blast your mind in amazement, I’d like to tell you that the boy is just 8 years old. I was watching Pokemon at this age.

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- Shivam
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