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Nowadays, we hear many stories where people come forward and vow to protect the environment by altering the terrible actions that the humankind has been imposing on the environment for so many years now but how many of these ‘environmentalists’ actually do something rather than becoming a celeb on Instagram? At a time, when our glaciers are depleting and oceans are getting filled with steep waste and forests are getting burnt down; there are just some handful people who are actually trying to make a difference and Assam’s Jadav Payeng is definitely one such enigmatic man.

So, it was Jadav’s teen years when he saw the deserted terrain and an urge to make the land green again was born within him. Jadav was in Xth standard when he decided to do the impossible task, after seeing the devastating condition, the man left his studies and went straight to the village council to seek help. The council looked upon the young boy’s request and gave him 50 seeds and 25 bamboo plants to start his green endeavour.

Jadev planted a tree every single day for 40 freaking years and eventually he was successful in converting a barren landscape into 1,360 acres of forest. Now, this green land created by Jadev is abode to hundreds of elephants, rhinos, bears, reptiles, and birds. And, there is still no ‘done’ thing for Jadev, he is still as enthusiastic about forests as he was in 1979 and plans to plant trees till his last breath. Jadev, in an interview, said: “I never thought that my small initiative would make such a difference one day.”

Well, Jadev it did make a huge difference and we cannot thank enough for it!
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- Shivam
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