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She can walk in the crowd without revealing her true identity…A Chinese make-up artist and blogger- He Yuhong has chameleon abilities, she can change her face by using makeup and transform herself into some other person. She can walk in the crowd without ever revealing her true identity, no she’s not of the Thrones- it is just her makeup techniques she uses to get the face of any person she wants. Yuhong, also known as Yuyamaika on Instagram and many people also call her literally a- Human Chameleon.

The blogger has 58k followers on her Instagram account, and her account is filled with the pictures of mind-blowing transformations such as Mona Lisa, Johnny Depp.

Apart from Instagram, the artist has a huge fan following on her YouTube channel, where she posts play-by-play videos of her unbelievable metamorphoses. In the list of pictures below, I have presented some of her work, and I can bet that you guys will stun by looking at the pictures.

So, let us take a look at some amazing works of this talented woman:

She is the artist before any makeup on.

#1 Albert Einstein

#2 Johnny Depp

#3 Taylor Swift

#4 Natasha Romanoff

#5 Mona Lisa

#6 Dita Von Teese

#7 Audrey Hepburn

#8 Cristiano Ronaldo

#9 Charlie Chaplin

#10 Marilyn Monroe
This amazing artist has blown our kind with her work, and I am sure you are also in a little bit shock, but trust me it is true.

Now I can assume not me, you will also say the girl- A Human Chameleon, right?

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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