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Your expectation at the workplace is nearly as high as the sky, and quite commonly you are in a harsh reality check. Even after working freakily hard you rarely met our expectations. Some of these harsh realities break you, some of them teach you a life learning lesson and some of them will make you rethink about what you are doing in your life.

Here are of the common workplace reality check…

1. When we submit the resignation letter saying we have received an offer with an increment of 10%

Quite often we decide to go for a job CHANGE because the existing job does not meet our salary expectations and we resign hoping in our mind that our boss will say ‘We deserve the employees like you’ and will give us the salary hike but things do not happen as we think. Boss sign our resignation letter without even saying a single word. Funny but this is when our heart gets broken in pieces.
2. When we share something in the workplace and ask them to keep it with themselves.

Sharing your secrets is the biggest mistake that we do in our life. Boss if you also think that your secrets are saved then you are highly mistaken. Things spread like fire in the office because there are some people in every office who just love doing that.
3. When our manager announces about the bonus

In our mind, we think that we are going to receive the bonus and even make our plans to spend that money but ‘ bhaiya galat fami sabko hoti hai and kuch galat fami achi hoti hai’</i>
4. When you are leaving the company

A cake, bouquet and some emotional cards or message are what everyone expects but the reality is nothing like that happens. Getting a warm message is what you can expect.
5. Celebrations

While we expect big celebrations and outings all our seniors think about is increasing our work target.
6. When you are working hard to complete your target

This is the harsh reality of every workplace. Hard work is not the only factor which will help you to grow. Office politics is a crucial factor which affects us in a big way.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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