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I fell from the bicycle, not once, twice or thrice but a lot more than that. Back then when my parents still insisting on learning to ride it I felt annoyed, pressurised and what not but my parents were determined enough to push me to learn it initially with their support and then without them.

Some of the activities we did for fun while some of them with the purpose to learn but they taught important lessons for life.


1. Bicycles- Never look back

Remember when we were learning to ride bicycles our parents use to say look forward otherwise you will fall. It is the lesson we need to implement in our life as well. If we keep looking back and thinking about the past, we won’t be able to move forward in our life.

2. Learning to walk

Most of the important lessons are learnt by failing in our lives. Things that one may learn after falling are life lessons learnt for the entire life.

3. Draping saree and makeup

Once in your childhood, you must also have had to showcase your creativity with the makeup kit of your mother. We need to embrace those creative skills in our life as well.

4. Making Roti

I struggled hard and still struggle to make a perfect round chapatti and this struggle teaches us to keep trying until we achieve perfection in that.

5. Playing in the mud

Our parents used to slap us, shout at us but we hardly cared about those scoldings and we continued to play in the mud. That carefree attitude and innocence was the best part of our childhood which we must have in our life as we grow.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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