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There is no denying to the fact that Sara Ali Khan is one of the most aspiring stars of today’s generation. With her power-packed performance in ‘Kedarnaath’, the lady proved that she is here to stay. The actress is always seen giggling and smiling which is why people love her so much. Interestingly, Sara did not have a sorted childhood, her parents had to part ways and she had to cope with this situation at a tender age.

In an interview, Sara revealed: "I was a kid, who understood that her mother and father were happier that way. I can’t change how they are when they’re together. But you must know the option. I could have been brought up in an extremely unhappy, unstable and toxic household. But today I live with the world’s best mother in the most secure, happiest and healthiest space ever. People even used to ask me, ‘Don’t you miss the idea of a Sunday family lunch?’ Every day after the gym it’s like a girl’s day out for mom and me. Every night is like a pajama party. I love it."

The young actress also spoke about her father and said: "And as far as my father is concerned, he’s never ever let me feel that we don’t live together. He’s always a phone call away. He’s always available for dinner, for coffee. So why would I feel like that? I have two happy homes with two happy parents. That’s a win-win situation as opposed to a massive loss for everyone".

On the work front, Sara hasn’t signed any new film but she is in talks to get roped in for Imtiaz Ali’s next.
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- Shivam
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