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Lie detector machine is not available for common people, right? So what should we do to detect if the person is lying or not? There are some signs that can tell us whether the person is telling a lie or not. DO you know face expressions help a lot to catch someone in lying, this is the reason that a good gambler knows a good “game face”?

If you are lying and your hands are saying some other story, you might ruin your lying-game, when this happens with the gamblers they tend to lose their whole lot of money. Telling a lie is not only common among the gamblers, instead many people lie, even we have noticed employees lying in front of their bosses, and even the business partners. And this sometimes can harm you, so whomsoever he or she is, if you want to catch him lying you have to notice his or her body language.

So suspect if anyone is lying by noticing with a few points below in their body language:-

1. Blink Rate:

Blinking of the eye is directly connected with a lie, as it depends on people to people. Some time it decreases and sometimes it increases. A person who is an experienced liar will see straight in your eyes even without blinking. And the person who is uncomfortable with lying will have a sudden increase in their blinking rate.

2. Eye Movement:

Not only blinking of eyelashes, but a person’s eyes’ movements can also tell that he or she is lying. Look out for their eyes to catch the people lying, most of the people will look up to their left when recalling visual movements- if you are asking questing about something.

3. Legs and feet movement:

Leg and feet movements will often increase as a liar tries to release the negative energy and stress of telling a lie. Crossing and releasing legs, raising their heels up off the ground, and wrapping one foot around the ankle of the other leg are all good signs they are feeling uncomfortable.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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