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‘I love sweets; I just love it’

It is okay if a person with normal weight loves food but when a slightly overweight person says the same thing we start judging them for the same. You would like to hear a phrase like ‘Wo toh dekh ke hi Lagta hai’. If you too are overweight, you would have faced this in your life. Correct?

Coming from somewhere and suddenly you hit someone. Quite a normal situation. Right? Can happen with anyone? But not for everyone. If a similar situation happens with the person who wears spectacles it is nothing less than a crime. He will hear comments like....
‘Why don’t you get your prescription checked again, four eyes?

Oh, what’s wrong? Are you having a bad day?

We laugh at people or either make fun of them if we see someone crying or upset. Not only we make comments at people rather we pass our judgments before even finding the reality of the situation.

The person whom we mocked at for being fat may be overweight because of some issue or there may be the other side to it. The person who hit the other person may be tensed or depressed in his life. We really don’t know what is happening in their life and why a certain person is like that. What has forced them to become like that?

We think we know what everyone is going through but the truth is we have no idea. Blowing out someone candles doesn’t actually make ours shine any brighter.

And the person who is getting bullied needs to know that if someone is making you down it means that you are allowing them to do that.

The person who is bullying, however, needs to understand that even the smallest action can become a huge trigger in their personal life.

So they need to think before they make any judgment. Quite true those who understand will never judge and those who judge will never understand.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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