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Writing an epic TV show with memorable characters and out of the box situations that can keep the audiences hooked is a mountainous task, it takes years of efforts to develop a TV show and make it a classic and on the contrary, it takes just one bad decision to ruin its legacy; decision of turning that show into a movie.

Since last few years, this trend has caught fire and has ruined the legacy of some really great TV shows and we will never forgive the makers for such a grave mistake. Remember our favourite anime ‘Dragon Ball Z’, we all used to love the antics of Saiyans like anything; the camaraderie between Goku and Vegeta still gives us some legit ‘Bromance’ goals but one day the makers smoked a bad blunt and decided to turn this epic show into a movie and trust me I have still not recovered from the trauma that I went through watching that shit disguised as a ‘movie’.

The makers know that cashing on the popularity of an already hit phenomenon is a profitable and wise thing to do but at least try and put some thought while turning a show into a movie. I really do not have an issue if you want to turn a show into a movie but at least make it half as entertaining as the show. Do you guys remember ‘Khichdi’? The hysterical rib-tickling Sit-com that made us laugh like a maniac; this show was also turned into a movie in 2011 and the result was disastrous! The loyal fan base of the hilarious sit-com was saddened deeply (Yes, include me as well).

The thing is that the makers do not realize this simple fact that the notions of TV and film industry are very different, just like you cannot expect a desert mammal to survive in rainforests; similarly a TV show idea cannot breathe properly in a window of 2 hours or so (of course, exceptions are always there).

I hope the makers realize it soon that turning a show into a movie isn’t entirely a good idea and if you are planning to go on that road, make sure your vehicle is absolutely kickass. Reportedly, ‘Breaking Bad’ makers are also planning to give this show some ‘Film’ surgery; I just hope that this makeover turns out to be good, also I really love Vince Gilligan and it’d break my heart into pieces if ‘Breaking Bad’ turns out to be BAD!
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- Shivam
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