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It is easy to get seduced by all the potential of the new and the wonders it promises. There is a lot of hype and not so much measured discussion. We all want to sail in this magical world of technology but take a pause from your life and think about the things that are getting lost or are about to be wiped out from our lives completely.

Guli Danda, Kancha, Pithu,kho-kho,latpp,stapoo, chhupam chhupai-

I guess the kids of ’90s was the last one who spends their childhood playing these games and whenever we think about them they evoke the nostalgia of the time when we used to play those games. The current generation, however, lacks those beautiful memories because they are so much engaged in their virtual world.
Handwriting; letters, pen, ink is getting drifted from our lives and quite possible that it will completely disappear from our lives. Do you think is it good or bad?

What else….

I don’t know if it is an advantage or disadvantage but digitalisation has made that personal touch missing from our lives. That long discussion and meetings with our friends are just getting evading from our lives completely. Not just urban but rural audience is also so much engrossed in the digital world that they prefer to spend time on their mobile phones rather than talking with each other.

No, doubt the digital world has made our life simpler but the other side too cannot be ignored as well. The present generation is definitely missing some of the beautiful childhood memories which we cherish in our lives.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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