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There are just two truths in this whole wide world:

1). There is no such thing called ‘Office Politics’
2). I am the biggest liar you will find anywhere

‘Office Politics’ is an issue that needs to be taken care of if you wish to bloom in your career. People will try to pull you down and remember, there are no friends when there is prosperity involved; so how do you cope with these political gimmicks to emerge as a king at your workplace; here’s how:-

1). Always Know That You Have A Choice

Office Politics will test your patience and at times, you will lose your mind and you will feel like going straight to the alleged culprit and beat the shit out of him but that’s where you need to calm your balls and remind yourself that this isn’t the right way to deal with the issue, it will malign your image; you need to choose the other option here i.e. to stay calm and find logic in the scenario because muscle can never be mightier than wits.

2). Never Be Partial

Always, remember one thing, no one is really your friend when it comes to getting promotions and appreciations, it is a battle and you need to fight. If you are ever stuck and need to choose one power figure from a lot, never get partial and always choose the person who you feel is on the right side. By not being partial, you’ll help to reach conflict resolution in a neutral manner.

3). Never Get Selfish

Now, that is the most important rule of all. Everyone has a notion that ‘Office Politics’ means winning by defeating the other one but the scenario is different, ‘Politics’ is not always bad; you can think and bring out ways where everyone is winning; this will not just enhance your goodwill but you will also feel much more contented.

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- Shivam
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