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Ever heard about an application that helps you book ‘PLANE CABS’, No, right? Obviously, You gotta have fuck load of money to get a hint of these ridiculously ‘luxurious’ applications, have a look at some of the many ‘rich-friendly’ applications/websites:-

1). Rich Kids

So, this is like Instagram for the rich brats/divas. Rich kids log in here to show off their wealth and outrageously luxurious stuff. And, you thought becoming an Insta-celeb is a big deal, this is real shiz guys!

2). The Billionaire Shop

So, billionaires do not surf Amazon or E-Bay to purchase stuff; their one-stop destination is ‘The Billionaire Shop’. The website offers jets, properties, watches and cars to purchase. Their tagline aptly describe their business line, it goes like: “Money cannot buy you happiness they say, but it can afford you a lifestyle filled with luxury watches, expensive cars and luxury real estate.”

3). Fly Blade

In a time where we worry about Uber surge pricing, here is one application that can take a toll on your pockets but not on the pockets of the riches. So, what does this application do? Well, nothing much, it just allows you to book ‘jets/helicopters’ as your ‘CAB SERVICE’. *(I am also crying on my broke status)*

4). Luxy

So, let us meet the Tinder of the rich folks. You got money and ‘Greek god/goddess looks’? That is it, hop on and start your dating game.

5). Quintessentially

You want to plan some great surprises/parties/meetings that can ooze luxury in all true sense? Well, ‘Quintessentially’ is the place you are looking for!

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- Shivam
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