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The invincible Federer is currently enjoying his 100th title and fans are so happy with his unmatched performance that some of them went ahead and tagged the man as the ‘Superman’ and we do not deny it but I guess, Federer ‘the modest’ doesn’t want this title as he literally shied away from the tag.
To explain why he cannot accept the title, he said: "The problem is, people always elevate the superstar athlete to like Superman status like we're super-human and all that stuff, I don't see myself like that. Being perfect doesn't exist, Everybody has their flaws. So do I."

Federer, who has often hailed as the ‘greatest’ sportsmen ever recently fetched his 100th title by defeating Greece's Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Dubai Championship final last Sunday.

Sixth-seeded Kei Nishikori of Japan recently praised Roger’s temperament and said: "It is something incredible to see, how (often Federer) plays at a high level and does not have many injuries, for sure, he works so much harder than everybody."

Federer also came forward and spoke about his record/milestone, he said: "It's an achievement that I never thought I was going to make and one I only started thinking about maybe in the last nine months or year or so, ever since maybe I got to 96 or 97. First attempt in a finals it's nice to pass the hurdle and get to 100 rather than going to every single event from now on and going 'Is this going to be the week where you're going to reach 100?' and going 'Yeah, I hope so’.”

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- Shivam
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