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Remember ‘The Simpsons?’ Of course, you do! The satirical animated sit-com is one of the most loved and widely appreciated shows of all time. The show holds a special place in the pop culture arena and people still love to binge-watch it like anything. The animation of Simpsons was very subtle yet effective and the credit for this goes to artist Liz Climo but do you know what the lady does when she isn’t busy generating quirks for the hysterical Tv series?
Well, she is busy doing what she does best: ‘Illustrate and Animate”. Liz started creating an animal kingdom illustrative series and to say the least, it is eccentric, quirky and peculiar; all at once. Liz says: “It's a place where grizzly bears, porcupines, rabbits, and anteaters all grapple with everyday life with wit and humour." We learn a lot about human interaction through her characters, and it's these master-level anthropomorphizations that keep us fully engaged in Liz's work. I mean, who wouldn't be interested in how armadillos make fast-and-easy Halloween costumes? Or how dinosaurs deal with their inquisitive children? "The ingenious ways that animal friends can work together to ensure their juice is always freshly squeezed."
So, without further wait, let us just gawk at her creative genius:

1). Who Is The Good Boy?

2). The Dilemma Of A Porcupine

3). A Friend In Need Is Definitely A Friend In Deed

4). I Am DEAD!

5). And The Award For ‘Best Proposal’ Goes To…

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- Shivam
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