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The dynamics of a woman’s hair has a long history back. It continues to signify different meanings in different cultures. From being a symbol of femininity to representing her rebel woman’s hair is associated with the symbol of power also representing the reflection of our identity.

Woman’s hair associated as the symbol of power has had its roots in ancient times all over the world and it still is relevant in our modern times. The long hairs are considered the symbol of femininity whereas the short, curly hairs represent our sense of freedom. It is interesting to see how a woman is experimenting with their hairs and revealing about their differing personalities through their hairs in the present time.
However, it is even interesting to see how a woman used her hair in the past.

1. Sign of rebellion

When Draupadi in Mahabharata was being dragged by Duhashasana she rebelled against him by refusing to tie her hairs. Remember how she was dragged by her open hairs.

2. Hair cut signifying liberation

“Liberation Hairdo”, short bob cut under the ears became quite popular amongst Chinese women in 1950 who saw hairs as the symbol of controlling their lives.

Not just as the symbol of liberation and femininity they have been conveying differing meanings.

Have a look at these graphics:

Symbol of femininity and beauty

Symbol of desire...

Expressing her desires and emotions

It is wonderful to see how hairs are representing belief and personalities.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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