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2011, the year when the pop culture was graced with the epic television show ‘Game Of Thrones’, and since its inception, the show has never looked back and has touched great milestones. The fantasy drama infused with direwolves, dragons, battles and relationships has always been able to amuse the audience. The writing of the show is touted to be one of the best ever created in television industry.

Now, that just one month is left for the epic finale to happen, fans are keeping their fingers crossed; everyone has chosen their sides and sigils and now we wait for the showdown. Yes, we will shed out bundles of tears but I guess, the actors of GOT won’t be shedding any as they will become the richest television stars ever, after the show ends.

If reports are anything to go by, Kit Harrington, Lena Heady, Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are getting a huge sum of $500,000 (estimate) for each episode. Another report suggested that the actors are getting a fuck load of $2.5 million. Among all the reports, one thing was common i.e. Emilia Clarke is getting the highest amount.
But if we talk about face value, then Nikolaj is a clear winner, he is holding a face value of worth $16million while Peter Dinklage is at number 2 with the face value of $15million. Emilia comes third with the face value of $13million.

I never felt this broke!
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- Shivam
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