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Many people say a direct no to the woman who is pregnant from walking, swimming, weight lifting, and other such activities. But breaking all the stereotypes most of the woman today, are moving forward by making a bridge for them and their fetus.

Experts recommend doing low-impact activities several times a week. Swimming, yoga and low-impact weight lifting are great options. If you are pregnant and want to work out, but figuring out what exercises to do can be difficult.

For vanishing your confusion we have found some experts’ tips so that you can know about what routine to do while pregnant. So that you can stay healthiest during your nine-months.

Let’s see how you can stay healthy and what exercise can do while pregnant:

Talk to your doctor first:

While pregnant regular check-ups with your gynecologist will be helpful for you. Fitness experts say that consulting to the doctor is the most important and first step you should take. Your doctor can help you in clearing that you and your developing fetus are healthy enough and you don’t have any obesity risk.

Experts also say this- that if you didn’t exercise a lot before getting pregnant and want to start now, then that is also OK! Making your routine of practicing low impact activities, swimming and yoga, three or four days a week and working your way up as your body adjust, suggested by fitness experts.

Nichole Tipps, a certified personal trainer at V Shred and also a mother, said "You have a little more capability when you have experience with exercise prior to pregnancy, but the same cautions still apply. She added that “Modify your routines to target balance, core strength, and range of motion,".

Tipps also mentioned about weight loss during pregnancy in her comments, "Pregnancy is not the time to work out for weight loss," Tipps said. "It is a time to stabilize the core and help the body cope with the aches and pains of having a baby inside your belly." According to her issues such as swelling, backache, lack of energy, poor circulation, and gestational diabetes can be cured by exercising.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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