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Her mother said her eyes were too far apart...

Jennifer Aniston, our own Rachel Green of Friends grew up thinking that she was stupid. In fact, school, she struggled to even retain basic information. At home, she was envious of her beautiful mother Nancy Dow, who was constantly critical of her daughter. Her father abandoned his family and Jen was left at the mercy of Nancy’s ferocious temper.

One day when Jen decided to speak up and her mother’s reaction forced her to keep everything inside. She received a huge setback in her life.

‘Friends’ however changed things in her life. Her friends’ co-stars become family for her and she started to gain confidence after the success of her show. Her mother, however, continued to criticize her even at the success of her show. Her best friend Courteney Cox was her biggest support system.

Her life teaches us two very important lessons. One being; We should not always desirable for the happy ending in our life rather If we dream of a happy existence then we can be happier in our life. Despite being her two unsuccessful marriage she believes that both were perfect in its own way because she was happy at that moment. Thus it is important that we live in the current moment.

The other being that we continue to be affected by the people when we are unhappy. Our own unhappiness gives birth to severe problems where we begin to get affected by every little thing. Our opinion is what really matters how much other people say about your life.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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