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A typical 6-yard saree is something that will never leave a trace. Whether you are attending the best friend's wedding or dressing up the office instead of the regular, these options are endless. As the number of people wearing sari continues to increase, Evergreen wardrobes are indispensable, and Sally's style is also increasing. From tulle and taffeta to sari dresses and extraordinary patterns, you can now find everything you need in your saris to turn around.

With the help of some steadfast motivation from Bollywood actresses, they dare to take a unique route and you need to know how to hang the saree in so many ways.

Watch out for something unique!

Of course, the sari is an impression, but there are also many emphases on shirts/blouse and how you choose to wear them. Take down the notes of the fashion goals that Shilpa Shetty is throwing towards us.

Try contrasting colors for giving your outfit a distinct look!

Banarasi saris will never be outdated, and Dia Mirza wears traditional clothes just like a professional. To change the look, choose a contrasting shirt or shade that doesn't match your saree.

Embroidered and ruffle detailing is such a nice option to pick!

Speaking of fashion, Queen Kangana Ranaut knows it best and sees her embroidered blue sari and ruffled sleeve blouse to tell you. Whether it is a wedding or a brunch you can choose add ruffles and embroidery work on your saree of the same style.

Adapt it with your personal style!
When a child with a fashion original poster wears something, you sit down and take notes, which is what we did when Sonam Kapoor was wearing this Shehla Khan Saree for the most recent event. Tightening the waist, bodice and dramatic sleeves, no need to love!

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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