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‘I Love You’

It is probably the most misused phrase on this earth. It feels nice when someone says this phrase to us. But do we say it to people whom we really love? Don’t you think we have been using this phrase so casually in our life? I mean we just met a person and we say ‘I Love You’ to them. Don’t you think the phrase has lost its true significance because of the way we have been using this phrase so frequently in our life? Do we really think before saying those words to anyone? Probably No. That is why we don’t take this phrase so seriously in our life.

A lot of us are using this phrase because it is convenient to say it. The way the present generation is making and breaking up the relationship so casually it seems that they are just throwing up the relationship rather than fixing it. We are already in one relationship when the other relationship is about to break or has just broken.

The way most of us have been moving from one relationship to relationship Don’t you think we hardly realise the true meaning of love? Are we not confusing the term love with alternatives like passion, aggression? Seems so! Because most of the people what they are calling love isn’t love at all.

Contrary to the belief true love isn’t blind. It has perfect vision. If you really love someone you are absolutely sure about that person and does not fear commitment. So if you fear to make a commitment with the concerned person you don’t love them. It’s not a trade where you tend to like someone but cannot make commitments. It’s about letting each other free and understanding rather than keeping each other in some kind of cage.

So if you are confused what is love don’t even fix your lips to say ‘ I love you’. Say it to only few whom you really love. Don’t misuse the phrase just for your convenience.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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