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‘Controversies’ and ‘Democracy’ go hand in hand and since India is one of the biggest democracies in the world, we have a special relationship with the fuming ‘storms’ known as a controversy. But, sometimes (read: most of the time), people use the ‘right to speak’ in an exaggerated manner and create some forced and nonsensical disputes/arguments; Over the years we have seen many such controversies that should not have taken place:-

1). When Priyanka Chopra Supposedly Demolished Indian ‘Culture’ By Wearing A Floral Skirt

So, remember when Priyanka Chopra, the global icon met honourable Prime Minister of India? The two were in Germany and that’s where the ‘greet and meet’ happened. Priyanka might have thought to meet and discuss some global issues related to world and entertainment industry as well, little did she know that her floral dress will offend many people out there. As soon as her picture with the PM floated on the internet, she faced a hell lot of trolling as people considered it immoral of meeting the PM wearing such ‘filthy’ dress. TOTALLY UNCALLED!

2). The Padmaavat Row

The very infamous ‘Karni Sena’ fiasco was something that was as unnecessary as it can get. These people went ahead to demand a ban on a film (without even watching it) because they felt that the film showed their community and culture in ‘bad light’. Look, it's fine to raise your opinion in a democratic country but burning buses, threatening people, hitting children for that opinion is something that is as unhealthy as it can get.

3). When Irfan Pathan Faced The Wrath For A Very Inane Reason

Ok, So, Irfan Pathan posted a very cute picture with his wife and fans started showering love over the beautiful couple but there were some people who got triggered by Pathan’s wife’s finely painted nails; these ‘Islam fanatics’ started lecturing Irfan over culture and tradition. Well, guys, that man represented his country on an international level, what have you done except for spewing venom unreasonably?

4). When Democracy Got Stabbed In Heart By The Ruling Party

Democracy means freedom; freedom to express your views in a legit way but guess the ruling party hasn’t got any clue to the definition of democracy, which is why they deliberately cut off a scene from the south movie ‘Mersel’ just because that scene was mocking the govt’s ‘GST scheme’. Just to give you an idea, the movie was widely appreciated by everyone, and the chopped off scene from the movie found its way on internet and people criticized the government for being so childish and terminating the essence of democracy.

5). The Surf Excel Fiasco

So, in India making illogical ads with bikini girls and skin show is fine but making a beautiful ad depicting communal harmony is a crime, right? The detergent makers recently released a beautiful where a Hindu girl saves a Muslim boy from Holi colours so that he can reach the mosque without getting stained, sounds beautiful, right? Not to everyone, though. Some people got triggered and started ejecting troll remarks on the ad; some mindless people even went ahead to claim this ad as propaganda for ‘love jihad’, I mean seriously?

I guess no one gets triggered better than Indians, eh!
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- Shivam
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