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Shen Yiren, Oppo’s Vice President recently announced a brand new subdivision titled ‘Reno’. Earlier, Oppo had launched the ‘One Plus’ series and the ‘Real Me’ series as the subdivisions and now ‘Reno’ has also been added to the list. The brand’s logo was unveiled and it is made using vibrant and joyous colours depicting youthfulness and excitement.

The Chinese mobile phone giant has claimed that a new phone will be launched on April 10 and people are speculating that this phone will be the first one under the ‘Reno’ series; however, no official statement regarding this has been made by the makers. Reportedly, the new phone will possess a slightly different and slick design and it will try to target the young audience.

Some revelations were made by Shen, he had told that the new phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest and very powerful processor ‘Snapdragon 855’. The phone will be equipped with Oppo’s 10x optical zoom technology, thus making the camera quality extremely palpable. It is reported that the new phone will be graced with a 4,065mAh battery coupled with the powerful fast-charging technology (as used in OnePlus, maybe). The 3.5mm headphone jack is destined to return in the new smartphone as well.

Some people are also suggesting that the new phone could be a sequel of Oppo X but the majority is still inclined towards the fact that the phone will be the first of the ‘Reno’ series. The price of the phone has not been disclosed as of yet and people are eagerly waiting for 10th April to get their hands on the ‘mystery phone’ by OPPO.

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- Shivam
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