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The biggest boon that the ever developing technology has provided us with is the discovery of ‘online shopping’. I mean it is convenience at its best; just one click and that’s it, your desired product will reach at your doorstep.
But, sometimes tables might turn on the other side as well; during the course of online shopping, you can just ‘virtually’ see the product and if your luck is as bad as mine, your expectations might turn into nightmares. A wide array of misunderstandings can take place whilst our ‘online shopping’ venture and sometimes these misunderstandings lead to some of the most hilarious situations ever.
So, here are 5 times when ‘Online Shopping’ lead to some hysterical situations/experiences:-

1). This Man Ordered An Inflatable Santa Online And Well…He Got On…

2). To Be Honest, He Is Looking Pretty In the Red Gown, Haha!

3). If The Whacky Deadpool Suffered From AIDS, Jaundice And Malaria; All At Once, He Would Have Looked Like This, Eh!

4). Well, Nothing Hurts More Than Some Broken Expectations, Right?

5). Deception Is Surrounding You, Be Alert! Be Aware!

Honestly, I really want to suffer from one of these ‘online shopping misfires’, lucky (or rather unlucky) for me that my experience has always been positive (until now) with the ‘click n shop’ thing.
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- Shivam
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