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Might be you won’t believe it, but these things and rules in some countries are existing from years. As we know about how Maulana Azad Library banned girls from entering the library to study, and contrary attract a lot of young men in the library. The news revolt by Saudi Arabian women for their rights to drive keep reaching us every day.

This is not the only instance that encountered about, but there are many and some of them we have listed below. And when you got to know about this you will see how much stupidity has shown whosoever has allowed all these bans in their respective country. These ban all around the world are restricting girls and pushing them towards backward. Let us look at some of them:

1. Saudi Arabia banned women/girls from buying Barbie dolls in 2003

Many times we have heard voices of women, and this time it is about small girls who want to play with their Barbie dolls. But in Saudi Arabia, as a woman can’t vote they also can’t buy a Barbie, because the doll is seen stand for luxurious excess and physical beauty. So the people their introduced Fulla dolls.

2. A single/divorced/widowed woman cannot skydive on Sundays in Florida

If you are a divorced woman, a single woman or even a widowed you cannot skydive on Sundays at Florida. Read the sentence again and again and please tell if there is any logic of regulating that one!

3. There's a ban on a woman of "ill-repute or evil looks" to enter a cheese factory in Ferrara

How would you judge that if the girl is looking evil pr ill-repute? There is no logic to judge a woman if she is looking ill-repute or evil. But I think in Florida cheese is more important than woman’s right.

4. Women can't wear false teeth in Vermont

In Vermont, if a woman in any age lost her teeth, she can’t wear false teeth unless her husband gives then written permission to do so.

5. In Arcadia, women can't drink coffee after 6 p.m.

If you are in Arcadia, you can drink coffee only till 5:59, because after 6 p.m women can’t drink coffee. I wonder why? Is it because caffeine would mess up with the eight-hour sleep? I don’t what it is for and why, but all in one it is ludicrous.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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