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‘I am offended’

In India, people can get offended by anything. You say anything against their favourite celebrity they will take it personally, you dare to express your opinion on anything they will get offended. In such cases, people come to the battlefield like an army ready to attack the other person and tear them down.

I wonder how can Indians get offended by anything and everything. Is there a freedom to speak in actuality?
Here are a few things which can make Indians offended. So beware because people are watching you.

1. Say anything against their favourite celebrity, cricketer or even the political party they support.

I don’t know why people think that if they like any particular celebrity or star then the entire nation is supposed to like them. How can their personal interest equate to everyone’s liking? Why is it difficult for them to understand this fact that everyone has different tastes, so there is no need of getting offended if they don’t like the star they like. So chill! Sab Kuch Dil Par Lene Ki Zarrurat Nahi Hai.
2. People can get offended with anything when it comes to religion

Religion is such a sensitive matter in India that you can’t really say anything when it comes to religion. You depict some God in movie people will get offended, you speak anything about their religion they will get offended. You eat beef they will think that their culture is harmed.
3. Banning movies, books

In India, countless movies are banned or their scenes are cut because as per the Censor Board it can offend the sentiments of people. Not just the movies but the list of books which are banned in India is a long one too.
4. Journalists killed…

When you get killed, molested for voicing your opinion in India what else you can expect from people. The killing of a lot of journalists and rationalists in 2018 proves the fact that you cannot speak against the voice of the majority.
5. Nationalism…

In India, people can easily get offended by the name of nationalism. From wearing national flags to not standing on the national anthem can offend people and you can be called as anti-national.
6. Using words like sex, condom…

You cannot dare to speak words like sex, condom, periods in public space because remember it is India and people can get offended by anything.
Like really? Why are we so offended every time?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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