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Travelling in public transport is not a choice rather the only option left because there is no other convenient and cheaper mode of transport available to you. This cumbersome journey is full of hassles especially for a woman but in this journey, there is a one many army who proves to be a great relief. This person is none other than the conductor of the bus who acts as a stress buster.

Wait! Does that happen always? No, you will come across vivid types of conductors, some with witty personalities, others who will annoy you to the core.
So, here are different types of bus conductors that you will come across in your bus journey.

1. Zarrurat se jyada help karne wale…

They are the extra sweet conductors who will ask men to stand to offer a seat to the women. The way they respect a woman they tend to make you feel good.

2. Apni seat dene wale conductors….

They will offer their seat to the people who need the most. They would prefer standing and give a seat to the old people, females and children.
3. We don’t care types of conductors...

They will NEVER offer you seat or will deny straightforward to provide any kind of help even if you ask for it. They are generally very arrogant in doing this deed.
4. Free Ki advise dene wale conductors…

They are ever-ready to give a moral lecture to anyone and everyone on the bus. They are the frustrated people who vent out their anger on others.
5. Har Chiz mein dikkat dhundne wale conductors…

They find a problem with everything you do. Even if you ask them for stopping the bus on a certain stop they find a problem in that.
So, how was your experience on the bus? Did you encounter any of these conductors?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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